R&D Facilities

Our state of the art research systems consists of purpose built Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) providing very high levels of biosecurity and control, ensuring that the fish are maintained under optimum conditions, and with minimum stress and intervention. This ensures that our results are fully representative and that scientific integrity is maintained at all times.

All our systems include:

   •   Clean, dechlorinated incoming water.
Multi stage mechanical and biological filtration.
Removal of fine suspended solids and excess CO2.
Full temperature control from 14 to 30°C.
   •   Disinfection though high dose UV.
State of the art monitoring and alarm systems.
Full electrical and oxygen emergency backup.
Freshwater and saltwater compatible.


Main research system

   •   24 x 100 litre tanks.
Housed in its own dedicated room.
Quarantine system

   •   4 x 35 litre tanks
   •   Housed in its own dedicated room.


Aquatics racks

   •   Up to 48 x 35 litre, 36 x 45 litre, 24 x 70 litre tanks
        or 12 x 140 litre glass aquaria.

   •   35 and 45 litre tanks run with basic air driver
        sponge filters and individual heaters.

   •   70 and 140 litre tanks run on full RAS with shared heating.
   •   Housed in their own dedicated room.


Coming in 2016

   •   Two systems of 12 x 200 litre tanks.
   •   Both housed in their own dedicated rooms.
   •   Ability to run at 100 litres, or combined as 24 tanks.