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As a rapidly expanding company we are often looking for new talent to join our team. Below you will find out latest vacancies and other opportunities to work with us.


Current vacancies

Keep an eye out on the news page and on social media for any current or future vacancies.



We are always open to applicants wishing to carry out internships with our company. We are able to accept interns who have a requirement for some time in industry during their courses, or post graduates looking for work experience. Please contact us for further details.


Past intern’s comments:

Tilo Pfalzgraff, University of Rostock MSc Aquaculture student – March to  May 2016
Currently I am completing a Master’s degree in Aquaculture at the University of Rostock in Germany. To deepen the theoretical knowledge from studies at the university I chose to conduct an internship at Pontus Research Ltd., since it is a young expanding business in the Research and Development sector, which I was very curious about. During my stay I was among other things able to do a lot of routine work, to assist with the running trials, and to help building a new quarantine system, so I could definitely draw lessons from this internship. The staff of Pontus Research Ltd. created an enjoyable working environment with their patience and openness. Working was always challenging, but pleasant as well and my expectations of the internship to extend and learn new practical skills were more than satisfied.

Dennis Wittman, University of Rostock MSc Aquaculture student – March to May 2016
In my master´s course it is mandatory to do an internship in the third semester. I chose to apply at Pontus Research to get to know my field in an international environment and to learn to work in a foreign culture while enhancing my language proficiency. The general goal of the internship was to get familiar with tasks typical for my field. In addition, the internship helped me to get a better idea of my future employment opportunities and to establish connections in the working life. I want to point out that Dr. James and the team of Pontus Research Ltd. gave me the opportunity to work independently on different projects, which I do not take for granted. I am thankful for a great time and the acquired knowledge. Diolch!

Victor Dumas, ISARA Lyon and INRA Engineer Apprentice – January to February 2016
Great work environment and interns contribute greatly to the daily tasks. It was a good opportunity to work in a private research establishment. They rely on you easily. I worked on different trials on tropical shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) in RAS and tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) also in RAS. My tasks included building a new system from an existing design, day to day husbandry of animals, feeding, waste collecting and weighting.  I recommend this company.