Research System 1

Research System 1 is our 24-tank system and as such is suitable for a range of trail types including large scale product sweep trials, looking to test large numbers of treatments or products in a single trial. This system is suitable for both larger and smaller marine or freshwater species.

   •   24 x 100 litre tanks.

   •   Fully automated dimmable lighting system mimicking dawn and dusk.

   •   Housed in its own fully insulated dedicated room.

   •   Clean, carbon filtered incoming water.

   •   Multi stage mechanical and biological filtration.

   •   Removal of fine suspended solids and excess CO2.

   •   Full temperature control from 10 to 30°C.

   •   Disinfection though high dose UV.

   •   Fully automated pH control system.

   •   State of the art monitoring and alarm systems.

   •   Full electrical and oxygen emergency backup.

   •   Freshwater and saltwater compatible.