Research System 2 & 3

Research System 2 & 3 are 12-tank systems with larger volumes and as such are suitable for larger marine and freshwater species. These systems are versatile and tanks can be run at 100 or 200 litre capacity. These systems may also be run in conjunction with each other as a complete system to allow for larger 24 tank trials

   •   12 x 200 litre tanks (capable of being run at 100 litres)

   •   Conjoined 24 tank system capabilities with shared water if required

   •   Fully automated dimmable lighting system mimicking dawn and dusk.

   •   Housed in its own fully insulated dedicated room.

   •   Clean, carbon filtered incoming water.

   •   Multi stage mechanical and biological filtration.

   •   Removal of fine suspended solids and excess CO2.

   •   Full temperature control from 10 to 30°C.

   •   Disinfection though high dose UV.

   •   Fully automated pH control system.

   •   State of the art monitoring and alarm systems.

   •   Full electrical and oxygen emergency backup.

   •   Freshwater and saltwater compatible.