Our Services


Pontus Research Ltd. has a large amount of experience in testing novel feeds and ingredients, having assisted companies in bringing products into the market from the swine, ruminant and poultry sectors. We are happy to discuss any trialing ideas that you might have and have a variety of services we can offer on a wide range of species:

  • Testing of novel protein or lipid sources, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and minerals, among others.
  • Formulation, design and production of experimental feeds with your product.
  • Growth and performance analysis.
  • Hematocrit assessment.

    To further help our clients interpret the results from their trials, we outsource samples to our lab partners and have the resources to collect data for:

  • Digestibility analysis.
  • Nutrient retention analysis.
  • Fecal matter analysis.
  • Whole body proximate analysis.
  • Muscle pigmentation assessment.
  • Muscle, liver and bone mineral deposition analysis.
  • Intestinal health assessment.
  • Any other samples which may be necessary to your trial on request.


    Pontus Research Ltd. can offer competitive prices for trialing new technologies, techniques or processes. We are happy to accommodate any innovative ideas you may have and will help to tailor your ideas to work with us. Ideas of projects we can work on are:

  • Testing new hatchery technology for fish or shellfish.
  • Benchmarking novel filtration equipment.
  • Energy efficiency measures for fish farms.


    Pontus Research Ltd. has strived towards a disease-free industry and can provide a R&D service on trials of vaccines, immune boosters or anti-parasite products. We are happy to discuss any project ideas you may have and currently can offer parasite work in trout and salmon to look at medicinal products or feed supplements and their efficacy . Upon the completion of our new facilities in 2019 we will be able to offer full pharmaceutical set of services for the aquaculture industry.