Our Services

Novel ingredients
From testing novel protein sources to helping you develop novel lipid sources, Pontus Research Ltd. is your ideal R&D partner. We will identify your needs and expectations, design and run trials, and report and discuss your results with you to ensure you are fully aware of their meaning and implications. We will even help you tell everyone else about your new product if you want us to! Marine or freshwater, fish or shellfish, temperate or tropical, Pontus Research Ltd. will ensure that scientific integrity, accuracy and value for money are at the core of the work. We are currently discussing a number of projects investigating use of animals processing co-products in aquaculture feeds.

Feed additives
Pontus Research Ltd. will assist with your product development programme by taking the hassle out of in-vivo feed additive trialling. We can formulate your experimental feeds, and, through our extensive network of partners, have them made to your specifications. In ensuring your trials are carried with the utmost level of care and scientific integrity, we will produce powerful and complete data sets. We specialise in assisting companies bringing products into the aquaculture market from the swine, poultry and ruminant sectors, and are happy to discuss any trialling ideas you might have. Current or completed projects include trialling, mineral sources, enzymes and mycotoxin eliminators.

Culture technology, techniques and processes
Do you have a new piece of technology you want to test, a new technique you want to develop or a new process that needs trialling, Pontus Research Ltd. is happy to help. We can offer very competitive prices for trialling new technologies, techniques or processes, and will happily help spread the word among our contacts, clients and at meetings to help you market or publicise your innovation. A current ongoing project is to develop and test a novel “pop-up” oyster hatchery concept for a Welsh client, including spawning, larval rearing, and spatting before putting out to oyster beds in Swansea Bay.

Pharma and vetraceutical
Pontus Research Ltd. prides itself in striving towards a disease free industry, in providing a complete R&D service, including design, implementation and reporting on trials of vaccines, immune boosters or anti-parasite products for any species. Pontus Research Ltd. will design and oversee the work, ensuring that scientific integrity, accuracy and value for money are at its core. We are happy to discuss this service straight away, but will not be offering these trials until a later date.