Jack M. James, BSc (Hons), PhD – Director
A highly experienced aquaculture researcher and professional, having studied and taught at Swansea University in the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research (CSAR) and Multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre (MNC). Professionally, he has worked in Madagascar as a General Manager of a RAS eel farm, and in Malta as Head of R&D at a consultancy and CRO. His PhD focused on protein replacement in feeds for Atlantic cod and European seabass, while he also has research experience in the development of fish vaccines and feed additives in fish and shrimp, and hatchery development experience with lobster and bivalves.
Ivan Tankovski, BSc, MSc – Research Director
A graduate of the Aquaculture Master’s program at Wageningen, Ivan joined us in March 2015 and now he serves as the Research Director. As such, he manages our trial work and the research staff. He has extensive experience in the aquaculture R&D sector having worked on vaccine development studies, nutrition trials, fish behavioural studies, RAS construction and technology testing during his career to date.


Gregory Williams, BSc (Hons) – R&D Technician
Greg graduated from Aberystwyth University in 2015 with a particular interest in the sustainability of aquaculture practices and joined Pontus Research in March 2016. He has had previous experience with fish keeping having worked for Birmingham Sealife Centre and continues to utilize these skills as he helps with all areas of trials as an R&D Technician.
David Terrey, BSc (Hons), MSc – R&D Technician
David graduated from the master’s program in Bangor University and joined the team in April 2016 as a R&D Technician. He has previous husbandry experience having worked with a variety of invertebrates in both larval and adult stages during his thesis. He assists with all trial activities.
Tim Clarke, BSc (Hons) – R&D Technician
Tim graduated from Swansea University in 2016 and joined Pontus Research in October of the same year. He had previously worked in a research setting, maintaining aquaria in Florida and working with Swansea University on lumpfish production for pest control. He now works as an R&D Technician, assisting in the day to day husbandry of the animals and is a valued member of our IT team.
Lee Jones – Maintenance Technician
Lee is hands on, technical minded part time maintenance technician who has worked as a painter decorator and in construction for several years. Lee helps with general maintenance on the site and with the construction of new projects.
Kritaporn James – Financial Administrative Apprentice