Upcoming Developments

To continue to provide our clients with the best possible service, and to accommodate the rapid growth in the sector, Pontus Research is investing in some exciting new developments.
Foremost is the current plan to relocate the business to a bespoke designed facility, allowing us to provide a wider range of services to more clients. This facility will incorporate:
  • A number of new research scale RAS with a wider range of tank size and configurations to offer a wider range of trials at different life stages (grow out and broodstock) or for extended durations (life cycle, production cycle).
  • Additional research space dedicated to health and pharma targeted at vaccine and health promoter research.
  • Additional quarantine facilities to allow us to service the additional research space.
  • Scope for bringing more lab services in house to ensure we provide the best possible service to our clients.
  • Research space dedicated to project work to support our private, academic and commercial partners visualize and test technological innovations.
  • An improved clinical finish to all spaces incorporating insulated wash down paneling, improving hygiene and biosecurity further.
  • Uprated monitoring, temperature, oxygen and lighting control systems.
    In addition to the improved and expanded R&D spaces we are looking at incorporating an Aquaculture Hub or Centre of Excellence, offering such services and facilities as:
  • Teaching and learning space to accommodate and provide information, training and skill development to everyone from school pupils to farm managers.
  • Meeting space to facilitate industry focused seminars and other gatherings to all stake holders in aquaculture.
  • Business incubator style space offering serviced offices with access to our resources, facilities and expertise to help people develop business ideas and test them.